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  • "Of course I know..." river source deeply hidden heart that silk acerbity, then smiled: "east of the original university but we Chu Nan's most famous university, I will certainly clear ah, what Department cheap football jerseys china nike of rain on you?" "Of course is clinical medicine department..." teenager micro made a lovely pink lips, face was bright, it is some sacred tunnel: "since my father injury has not healed, often painful, if not met Ming Grandpa, now still not cheap football jerseys for women under the bed, so that when they decided to to the Medical University, after doing a good doctor like Ming grandpa!" Look at the girl face that is some divine appearance, Jiang Yuan smiled, nodded: "uh... cheap football jerseys Well, I believe you will later is a good doctor!" Free to chat a few words, river source watched nike nfl jerseystwo pheasant hot enough, this just stretch hand to bring one to pull the wool. Beside the girl always here seems to have no what I can help you, hurry to go back tell Dad good cheap football jerseys 2014 news, short cut: "source brother... I went back, my dad know you helped him to adopt a medicine, must be very happy..." "Rain, etc...." Jiangyuan neatly brandished a knife cut open this only have to unplug the hair after the pheasant, disembowelment, and under the tap washed, and then bring a clean hare, a piece and handed it to rain smiled: "take back to Li Shubao soup..."

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